Based in the seaside town of Blackpool, Myth Of Unity have been captivating audiences all over the world. Singer ‘Missy” is the groups head Singer and Songwriter, with upbeat production provided by record producer ‘Calibeats’, who is also the groups DJ. Rapper ‘Trix’ shares the front of the stage with Missy Rhyming clever lyrics and also singing smooth melodic vocal hooks just when you least expect it! The group has a fresh, innovating sound ‘We love to write about real life situations and relationships, as well as good times and partying!.’

The Music compliments Missys Vocals and has a cool downtempo feel with a bouncy, catchy chorus, which carries the hook well and leads into rapper Trix’s Verse, which includes awesome punchlines and a relatable theme,

“I wanted to talk from the another point of view, showing theres two sides to everything” Says Rapper Trix.

If your interested in adding a fresh new wave sound to your playlist search ‘Myth Of Unity’ on all streaming platforms and social media sites.